two white cranes

I have made an album and now you can listen to it. It is difficult to say exactly why I have done this. I wrote the first song (skeleton) in 2011 in the living room of my mum’s house which is where I live again now. In between those two points in time – writing skeleton and writing this – I have lived in lots of different houses in Bristol and one in Oxford. Lots of things happened and these songs came out and I don’t feel like the same person any more.

I made these songs into an album because they were the songs I had and they all seem to be about loving someone or something so they fit quite well together. It seems like everyone I know is writing songs or making records or drawing things, which is amazing and inspiring but it certainly puts the pressure on. So I did this.

I was intending to make these into a vinyl record. I thought this would make me feel good and powerful. A way of saying HEY EVERYONE THIS IS ME AND THE THING I MADE. But it would have cost a lot of money and then I would have had to have sold those records to people for money and it feels strange equating being in love and writing about it to paying for an object. I thought it might be nice to have objects to take on tour with me, but I would have had to have booked the tour and felt confident enough about myself to make it all happen and eventually it felt like I was putting more pressure on myself than was necessary. So here are the songs free and easy from me to you. Sometimes these songs make me feel good and powerful and sometimes they make me feel small and weak and I have no explanation for that. But I hope they make you feel good. They are all about how very very good it is to be in love.

About twowhitecranes

I am a songwriter and musician. These are some thoughts I have about that fact. You can find out more here
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