making faces

when i’m drawing a face i start with the eyes. then i do the nose. then i do the other bits in any order i feel like. i like drawing with some watercolours that i found in my house about a year ago and a thin brush (does this make it painting? it really feels like drawing so i would like to call it that). i also like using felt tips. i really really like drawing in brown because dark brown and light brown are both beautiful and it feels less scary or official than black.

because i am relatively new to drawing faces i have no idea what makes the difference between a face that looks good or looks human and a face that looks all weird and wonky. i guess it is the proportion of everything and the distance. but it seems funny that drawing the nose slightly too short for instance, can have such an effect on a face.

i can’t draw faces from my imagination i can only draw from pictures. i like drawing celebrities. when i draw a celebrity it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look exactly like them for some reason. with a person i know, if it doesn’t look like them then it seems like a real shame. but with a celebrity they are more than their face i suppose – they are also an idea. so this picture of cj from the west wing isn’t very accurate and if i hadn’t told you who it was you would just think it was a nice woman.

Scan 1

but its cj from the west wing and once you know that you will either be happy because you like the west wing, or as indifferent as before because you don’t care, or maybe you’ll be annoyed because cj from the west wing is a kind of stupid thing to draw. whilst drawing this i listened to the album advisory committee by mirah which is totally amazing. i love her voice, i love her songs, i love how she just strides through loads of melodies and genres and rythyms like its no big deal and how its all fun and sad at the same time.

here is a picture i drew of ellis. i drew this in the cafe of windmill hill city farm. there was no music playing.


its true to say that my thoughts on drawing are mostly unformed. i like doing it but i don’t have much patience. but even when i leave it 3 months and don’t touch a pen i think i’m a little better than the last time i did it, so that is satisfying.

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