alphabetising aaron’s records

I’ve moved back to my family home and for a while I’m living here alone. We’ve had a succession of lovely friends staying here the past few years and they’ve all left pans, spices, drawings and books. The house has garden out front and back and feels like an island.

I moved back on Friday and today, Monday I decided to alphabetise my brother’s records. I haven’t moved my own stuff or unpacked or cleaned the kitchen. This job seemed much more appealing. Whilst I worked I listened to these records:

Amalgamated Sons of Rest (which is Will Oldham, Alisdair Roberts & Jason Molina all together)
The Pastels & Tenniscoats – Two Sunsets
Slint – Spiderland
Side 4 of Attack of the Killer B’s, which had The Mamas & Papas singing My Girl on it, which is why I listened to it.
London Is the Place for Me

It was nice to look through these records. Some of them I remember from when I was a teenager. Aaron was in Canada and his record collection sat in the box room with the computer. I would sit there, probably on MySpace and listen to Joanna Newsom and Edith Frost and Herman Dune and Godspeed. It was great. But I remember feeling intimidated by all the unknown band names, all those songs and all the time it’d take to listen to them. I feel braver now. I sit before these records and feel excited to hear what it is that’s inside them. And I feel excited to buy more.

I think listening to music, like reading books is something you can get better at. I think the more you listen and think and react and concentrate on the music and the reaction then the more exciting and beautiful and powerful the music becomes. And the more new music you can listen to. I don’t think you need to make yourself do it or anything, and if you never thought about it once, you’d still enjoy music a whole lot I bet. But I think the difference between 16 year old and 24 year old me is that now I can look at new records and not feel afraid or tired. I don’t always want to listen to them, but I know that if I do I’ll have thoughts about them, and that those thoughts will be interesting. To me at least.

Now it is late, I’ve been to work and back and I’m listening to Josephine by Magnolia Electric Co. The day starts and ends with Jason Molina and today it was announced that he died on Saturday. I don’t know what to write about that apart from that it makes me very sad, in a way I’ve never been for the death of someone “famous”. Someone I don’t know. His songs are heart ache beautiful and he will be remembered.

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